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Where is University of Denton located?

We are located in Texas, US. In order to best serve our students we do not utilize conventional mail as it is too slow. We try to utilize the technologies that allow us to communicate most quickly and efficiently. * Our e-mail address is admission@universityofdenton.com. Our methods of communication allow for instantaneous communication and allow better customer service vs. the 4-5 days or more for conventional mail.

How do you make application?

Application must be made online using the application form. You can proceed to the corresponding application forms for your chosen degree.

How much does it cost to obtain a degree?

For a detailed fee structure, please click here.

If I qualify for a degree through Prior Learning Assessment / Life Experience, how do I justify the degree to my employer or others?

University of Denton does not award college credit for experience and this must be made clear. Professional educators worldwide agree that “life experience” in and of itself is NOT worthy of college credit. What PLA is concerned with is learning, regardless of how it was obtained. We assess the information furnished and gathered, to determine the level of your skills, knowledge and competence you acquired from your work experience, your voluntary activities, your avocation, your military service, your homemaking experience and knowledge from independent study. In brief, we analyze your “experiential learning” and this term legitimately describes most of the learning that occurs in our lives.

What’s does the degree look like?

Your degree will be professionally produced and printed on fine quality 74 lb parchment paper cover stock and bear the embossed color seal of University of Denton. It is a full size 8 1/2 x 11 inches. The degree is of the same (or better) quality and style than you would find at most traditional universities.

Do you approve everyone that applies?

No. applicants who do not have the qualifications or experience in the area for which they are applying cannot be approved. Applicant who receives an approval notification have achieved a significant achievement.

I’m interested, how do I begin?

The best way to begin the process is to fill in a free application! You will be contacted with the results from our evaluation committee within 24-48 hours

Do you offer Apostile or Embassy service?

We will soon be offering these services to our alumni. Please feel free to contact us at admission@uniofdenton.com to ask about the same.

What graduation date will be on my degree?

You should select the graduation date that best coincides with your experience. You may back date your degree to match your experience. The end of May and the middle of December are the most traditional times of the year.

How does the degree program actually work?

The degree program has been specifically developed by University of Denton to provide a convenient way for qualified people to gain their academic qualifications by using their previous learning experience and accomplishments. Applicants who believe they qualify for a degree must submit a free online application for evaluation. If their application is approved, an applicant can then decide to proceed by paying the appropriate fees. After the fees are paid, the custom degree program will be processed and shipped. The whole process takes no more than 7 working days.

Is the application free?

Your application and evaluation is free! The $100.00 Fee has been waived. There is no charge for any service unless you place an order for your documents.

What is University of Denton’s Accreditation?

University of Denton is proud to announce that they we have received full accreditation from Accrediting Commission of International Colleges and Universities (ACICU).

How long will it take to get my degree?

In most cases the whole process can be completed within 7 working days.

Who will accept my University of Denton Degree?

Our degrees are widely accepted with alumni working all over the world, thanks to their degrees. We have had many alumni referred to us by employers to satisfy their degree requirements. However; we always recommend asking first if there is a concern.

How does degree verification work?

Degree verification service is performed just like at any other school in the country. Perspective employers or third party companies that do confirmation for employers contact us via e-mail with a degree verification request along with signed release from alumni to us. Once received we respond with confirmation, there is never any mention of prior learning or life experience on your documents or during confirmation process. Coming Soon, in the very near future we will be offering a new service. We can store your information with a company that provides degree archive registry service and will allow instant verification service for you and anyone you give secured login information to.

Does University of Denton have a brochure that I can have mailed to my home address?

Because we are based completely online, we have tried to provide all pertinent information regarding our programs on this web site. We therefore consider this web site our brochure.

Is this a good way to get a degree?

For some people it is the only way they will get a degree. You must decide for yourself if this is a good program for you. It is not our intention to sell you on our program or to hype it up. We believe you will agree that we have not added in any of the normal sales hype you usually see. This is because we know our program is not for everyone. We don’t want to sell you on it if it isn’t right for you. There are some limitations to your University of Denton degree. If you especially want a degree to enter a traditional graduate school or if there are specific licensing requirements such as in the medical and legal field, you need to confirm that this degree would be accepted. Of course a degree from University of Denton has the advantage of being very quick and very low cost. So we ask you to consider this; are you going to return to college to get your degree? How long will it take you? How much will it cost? We are not trying to compare a degree from University of Denton to Yale or Harvard. There are different roads for each of us to travel.

Can I qualify for two degrees?

Accomplished individuals might qualify for two or more degrees. This could be a Bachelor/Master or Bachelor/Master/Doctorate. If you wish to apply for a combination degrees you may select that option on your application. We offer significant discounts on multiple degree programs. For further details, please check out our Fee Structure.

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